Shortcut key to mute/unmute yourself in Zoom or Google Meet

A custom and global shortcut key to mute / unmute yourself in Zoom or Google Meet Just like everyone else, 2020 was the year of having more and more video-conference calls.

Minimal Dynamic DNS configuration for with ddclient

EDIT: I have migrated one of my domains to Google Domains so I’m using protocol=googledomains these days. When I searched for a way to configure ddclient for No-IP.

Knowing what services need restart with “needrestart”

With Livepatch support in Linux kernel and Livepatch service for Ubuntu, reboots are no longer necessary even when kernel vulnerabilities are found. You can avoid and postpone unplanned reboots to whenever convenient for you, such as scheduled maintenance windows (Well, there are some corner cases which still require reboots though).